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Annual activities

We are launching our Erasmus+ project "Music 4 Inclusion," which was recently approved for funding by the European Union's Erasmus+ program! With the Erasmus+ project "Music 4 Inclusion," we aim to create an international platform where amateur and professional musicians of different nationalities and backgrounds come together and are united through music through workshops, study visits, joint rehearsals, concerts and dissemination events. The project, which will be led by Professor Aygul Gunaltay as project coordinator, will be implemented by Halewynstichting vzw (Belgium) and partner organizations Mindhub (Belgium), Les Créatives de Demain (France) and Stichting Kunst en Cultuur Artpot (Netherlands). We are looking forward to the first event of the project, the "Co-Creation Workshop" in Ghent between June 20-22, 2023. More information soon at

Summer Courses 2023

Great courses... Good teachers and much more. A student says about it: "The teachers? They are very open. You can ask them anything. Look, an arrogant teacher would not be a good teacher. A good teacher should not show you what he can do, he should improve what you cannot do yet. And it's good to get different views."

About us

HALEWYNSTICHTING vzw lets everyone make music. Our socio-cultural methodology reflects society: lead, participate and take initiative. HALEWYNSTICHTING vzw offers training with the aim of stimulating active group music-making, improving the general level of music-making and supporting all styles of music. This training always departs from a collective, active and creative participation of all participants and this in an open offer.

Who We Are & What We Do

Halewyn Foundation is a non-profit organisation with the aim of stimulating active group music-playing, thus improving the general level of music-making whilst supporting all styles of music.

We work as a team and we combine our talents to support our community in the best way possible.

What our participants say about our summer camps and music educational programs

Richard, a guitarist at the Pop Clinic: last year he was here too, at the Pop Clinic. His guitar teacher had taught there and told him that this was really something for him. "I had no idea what the level would be here. Then it turned out that there were some very good musicians. It turned out to be a great success. That's why I'm here again."
Lieven, a pianist from the Pop Clinic, puts it this way: "I was interested in playing in a group and so I started looking at the possibility of a music camp. I had the choice between jazz and pop. I have no emotional attachment to jazz, so I chose the pop clinic. It was the first time I had been on such a music course. This student especially appreciates the listening ear of the teachers: "You can just talk to them about music and about the life of a musician. And these are people who are not only famous in Belgium. That they want to be involved with 'losers like us'..." It's just like being a football player at FC Borsbeek and then being allowed to play a match at Anderlecht...".
A piano teacher at Jazz Camp: "What motivates me is that it's so nice to hang out with people here for a week and be involved with music. Even with people who don't necessarily have professional ambitions, but who are very receptive and willing to be immersed in this for a week."

Impressions and Cooperations