Brussels International Amity Orchestra (BIAO).

Brussels International Amity Orchestra (BIAO) was established in 2021 on the initiative of Prof. Dr. Aygül GÜNALTAY WEYLER as a project of Mind Hub in cooperation with the Yunus Emre Institute, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate of EU Affairs of Türkiye and the Permanent Delegation of Türkiye to the EU. The project was supported within the framework of the #EUCommunicationStrategy.

The purpose of the orchestra is to bring together amateur and professional musicians of all ages and nationalities and to promote intercultural communication and common appreciation of cultural diversity through the universal language of music.

The orchestra is composed of both amateur and professional musicians from different countries in Europe and currently residing in Belgium. The repertoire consists of a wide range of music, from classics to popular music, film music, world music and more... 


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Aygül Günaltay