Collaborations ON DIMENSION - West Meets East

Bespoke collaborations - West Meets East

For associations, libraries, cultural centres, other organisations or in your living room?

Where Western and Eastern music merge

Prof. Aygül Günaltay and Maarten Weyler hold a conversation about their cultural and musical backgrounds, how they came together, and discuss music from their own interests and backgrounds based on that information. Not a dry causation, but an engaging story that has music in it. With lots of listening and viewing examples. They show how that music can be edited, be the subject of lessons around music theory, pedagogy, music practice and more.


Listening examples come from, among others: Yehudi Menuhin, Ravi Shankar, Coleman Hawkins, Jan Garbarek, Okay Temiz, Kutsi Ergüner, New Orleans2nd Line, Gana2nd Line, there is folk music from Afyon and Flanders and more....


  • The course comes with a comprehensive syllabus including bibliography, discography and additional information.
  • The course can be a suitable introduction to a concert in collaboration with local cultural centers, libraries and others.
  • Halewynstichting vzw can provide an ensemble for a subsequent performance.


2 sessions (1 session lasts 2.5 hours)


€ 200 per session + transportation costs teachers

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Aygül Günaltay


Maarten Weyler

Theory & teamwork