Be inspired to make music together.

Since 1951, the Halewynstichting vzw has been organising music courses and training that are open to anyone - young or old - who wants to immerse themselves in the most diverse areas of music. Such a broad target group results in a wide variety of participants, from beginners to advanced students.

Active music-making in a group is always our main focus. Vocal, instrumental and creative music-making is our core business.
We work with themes, under the direction of a qualified and varied corps of international teachers. Over two hundred top lecturers from the Netherlands and abroad have worked with us so far.

Most training courses are modular. A learning module consists of a short series of consecutive lessons, so that you can easily fit it into your schedule. The content of each module is precisely defined. Based on this content, you can decide in which level you want to follow the lessons. The levels go from initiation course to specialised workshop.

In the description of each course you will find a level indication.

It is important that the level of the participant group broadly corresponds to what has been set out. After all, for the participants this means that they will have a pleasant learning period and this is also how the course is designed. The level indicated is the minimum level required to participate in the course. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

The activities of the Halewyn Foundation can be divided into: summer schools and annual courses



Jazz Camp

July 22
- July 28

Jazz Camp option BJO-Bigband

July 22
- July 28
Jam with teachers


Aug. 25
- August 30


Brussels International Amity Orchestra (BIAO).

Unified by Music 1
Playing together in different styles such as classical, jazz, pop and more

Improvisation workshops 2023/2024

Antwerp, Jam hippers in Den Hopsack
Working together on compositions, arrangements and more

Theory and practice

15 September 2021
- 15 June 2022
Maarten Weyler
Theory for beginners to ...

Improvisation Workshops & Instrument Lessons

Wing piano room
Piano in various styles such as classical, jazz and pop & bass guitar

COLLABORATION - Introduction to Jazz History

Jazz pedigree
For associations, libraries, cultural centres, other organisations or in your living room?

COLLABORATION - Jazz in Belgium

Jazz In Belgiumjpg
For associations, libraries, cultural centres, other organisations or in your living room?

Your heart beats for music. You have almost mastered your instrument, but you want to go deeper or wider. Perhaps in jazz or pop, or perhaps in early music. Make music with others, participate in ensembles, theory lessons, extra workshops and jams. But above all, let yourself be inspired to make music together.

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