Improvisation Workshops & Instrument Lessons

Wing piano room
Improvisation workshops

This group meets monthly on Sundays and seven times a year. To conclude, there is a show in a live music venue.

We work on our own compositions through specific assignments and on arrangements for 2 or more wind players/singers and rhythm section, using intro, coda and more. The content can be adapted or supplemented with suggestions from the participant group.

Emphasis is on:

  • Compositions, based on contrafacts, i.e. existing chord progressions such as Honeysuckle Rose (F. Waller), Mineurblues, in addition to putting theoretical knowledge into practice with insertion of non-diatonic chords, modulations to related and less related keys, variations on I - VI - II - V with diminished chords and more
  • Free forms of composition
  • Working out a horizontal arrangement regarding the form (intro / A&B section / Bridge / Interlude / etc.)
  • Working out a vertical arrangement for the horns and rhythm section
  • Implement all kinds of music apps such as MuseScore, iRealPro, GarageBand and more

We start at 10.30 a.m., have lunch on site from 12.30 - 13.30 p.m. and then continue until 3.30 p.m.

Show Moment 2023: June 28 at Café Boekowski, starts at 8 p.m.

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Instrument lessons from beginners to advanced, from age 5 to ...

All too often, music theory is seen as a starting point, something from which one can then actively start making music. But that is counterproductive. Learning music by means of experience-oriented, active and creative instrument lessons is the most direct way of stimulating active music-making. Theoretical elaborations are only necessary when essential music-theoretical problems arise during the learning process which could slow down further development.

Instruments: Piano, keyboard, bass guitar

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